97 Tigershark Loss of power above half throttle

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    97 Tigershark Loss of power above half throttle

    My Ski: 1997 Tigershark 1000 Monte Carlo

    - Won't go above 10-15mph.
    - Runs better and faster slightly below half throttle than it does above half throttle.
    - There is a noticeable difference in sound and speed once you get to half throttle.
    - It is also a little hard to start and barely holds idle.
    - If I pull the choke while the ski is running, it instantly dies.

    What I've done:
    - Perfect compression (The entire engine was rebuilt recently).
    - Thoroughly cleaned, rebuilt, and shot compressed air through the carbs. Multiple, multiple times. They are clean. Every nook and cranny.
    - New spark plugs
    - Replaced all the fuel lines.
    - Replaced fuel pump.
    - Replaced fuel filter.

    I'm out of ideas and just about ready to give up. I feel like it isn't getting enough fuel. Any ideas? Does this sound like reed valves?
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    Re: 97 Tigershark Loss of power above half throttle

    Quote Originally Posted by meowman View Post
    Does this sound like reed valves?
    No. Reed valves rarely ever fail on their own. Check for spark on all cylinders. Sounds like it's in limp mode/not running on all cylinders.
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    Re: 97 Tigershark Loss of power above half throttle

    Just wanted to share what happened to me !! My tiger shark is a 95 Daytona anyway I done built carbs built fuel pump or well you know I bought the separate parts anyway come to find out my fuel problem was the hose that goes into tank!! Now I'm not sure how yours is but but mine has a nipple threaded into tank with a hose and on end of hose there is a metal piece that keeps hose in fuel or weighted down !! Well anyway that piece fell off hose inside of tank and the fuel line would float on top of gas and anyway it done exact same thing !! Just thought I would give an idea And keep in mind I'm.no professional but thought I'd give an idea

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    Re: 97 Tigershark Loss of power above half throttle

    Pull and check the exhaust hoses. Sometimes they blister inside and collapse. Its like a banana in the tailpipe.

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    Re: 97 Tigershark Loss of power above half throttle

    "a metal piece that keeps hose in fuel or weighted down " is called a Clunk Weight Fuel Clunk Weights.jpg

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