I'm having issues with my SLX 1200. If the jet ski sits for more than 10 minutes it will start with minimal cranking but the rpm's will drop and kill the engine. Also if you give it gas it will bog and kill the engine instantly. You have to feather the throttle right of idle in order to start moving. The weird thing is once the jet ski is warmed it runs great and restarts easily.

The Low screws set at 1 1/8 turns out, carbs are sync'd, needle arm height set to 1.5mm, pop of pressure was tested, relief valve tested, and fuel pump impulse tested to 5 psi.

Someone has mentioned that there is a orifice casted in to the return outlet. Does the return fitting actually unscrew? Were is the actual orifice? When I removed the line there was a lot of fuel pressure built up is this normal?