So I have been out of the whole loop of stand ups for 8 or so years. Had a buddy give a 550 some time back and looking to get her all fixed up and in a rideable condition *nothing crazy* haha.

But there is a few must haves for me, I had them on my 550/750 convention back when I use to ride.

But anyways I'm looking for a quick steer plate for my 550. I can remember if the 750 steering plates work on a 550. Or does any one here happen to have a recommendation for a quick steer plate that is not crazy expensive.

Also looking to install foot hold I don't remember where i got my foot holds for my 550 way back when.

Been looking around for these items and not really finding a lot of it for 550s mostly 750s. I really can't remember if I altered these parts to work on the 550 or I traded/bought these parts.


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