1999 Tigershark 900 TSL

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    1999 Tigershark 900 TSL

    tigershark.jpgHey Everyone.

    I just bought a 1999 Tigershark 900 TSL. I bought it with the following explained to me -

    When the previous owner last rode it, (2 years ago) it ran fine. He pulled it out of the lake and it sat for a month or so. He went to start it to winterize it and then it would not start or turn over.

    Before buying it, I removed the plugs and used a screwdriver to rotate the engine by pushing a piston down. It moved freely - so not seized. The previous owner charged the battery, and I tried to start it, however the back box containing the solenoid is clicking. I have tried jumping power between the two red posts, and even right back to the battery. I get no movement on the starter.

    Does anyone know what else I could check? I'm assuming the starter is gone, but it's funny it would just sudddenly stop. I've even looked to see if I can tap it, but it looks like the carb and stuff is in the way if I'm correct in where I think the starter is.

    Here are some pics - bought trailer separately as well...
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    Re: 1999 Tigershark 900 TSL

    You've done the basics, jumping across the solenoid, but you should check one more thing while doing that. Have a voltmeter across the battery when you try shorting the starting solenoid. Batteries can fracture internally, and appear to have voltage until you put a significant load across them. If this happened two years ago, the battery may be defunct, too. They don't like being undercharged for long periods, or below a certain level, never really come back.

    It would not be uncommon for the starter to behave like this either. All it needs is a micro gap between a brush and the comm, and you're dead. That's why tapping on them sometimes works, it closes the micro gap.

    I am concerned that the previous owner never winterized it at all, and there is freeze damage in there.

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    Re: 1999 Tigershark 900 TSL

    Sweet looking ski !! Did you get it fixed ?
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