Carb tuning.

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Thread: Carb tuning.

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Dec 2009

    Carb tuning.

    I just dropped a 62t into my superjet. I pulled the top end and took it to dasa racing for a bore and some porting. I also added boysen reed a factory B pipe ads head at 185 psi. I ride at sea level. And am looking for some good base line jetting. I know there are a million threads on this but I can't really find anything with porting. Ski also has a set of flame arrestors. Any help getting it close would be appreciated

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    Re: Carb tuning.

    Factory Pipe still maintains their instructions online:

    You did not say if it is a Mod or Ltd pipe but those instructions will give you a baseline. I do not have a ported top end but from what I have seen & read you will probably be the same as instructions or may have to go up one jet size of the highs.
    I'm sure someone else will chime in, also try over on the X - they have a thread in which everyone posts their motor/pipe/jetting combo, exactly for this reason.

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    Re: Carb tuning.

    DASA Racing should have given you jetting specs. Did you ask DASA for them? What's the story behind this?

    When I bought dual carbs from Blowsion for my DASA Engine, Blowsion gave me the jetting specs and actually jetted my carbs accordingly before shipping the carbs to me.

    Only thing I had to do was dial in the Low and High Speed Screws at the lake with a good tachometer.

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