For over 40 years, Kawasaki Jet Ski® watercraft have supplied high-powered thrills on the water and the Jet Ski SX-R™ is a continuation of the legacy.

Kawasaki was kind enough to invite us out to a private demo at the Aquatic Capitol of America in Long Beach California. We had the opportunity to see and ride the 2017 SX-R. Featuring a 1,498cc inline four stroke engine. Right out of the box the performance was evident. Excellent off the line acceleration, broader torque range and lets not forget that it runs on pump gas. Life just got a little better.

We want to thank Kawasaki for hosting a wonderful day out in the water. It's always great to meet with industry leaders of our watercraft community who are hard at work behind the scenes. Special thanks to Jon, Aaron and the rest of the Kawasaki crew for a wonderful experience.

Jet Ski SX-R is here and ready to reclaim Kawasaki’s status as the king of stand-up watercraft.​

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