Former boat owners ?

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    Former boat owners ?

    I was wondering if there are any former boat owners out there who had both a boat and PWC at the same time and ended up selling their boat and keeping their PWC, and what prompted them to get out of the boating.

    I am finding that my boat sees less and less use and that I enjoy riding my PWC better than driving my boat and I was just wondering if others have ever encountered the same situation.

    Thanks in advance for any comments.
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    Re: Former boat owners ?

    Have a bass tracker pontoon, fish and ski and PWC - If I had to choose the pontoon is the most versatile - I can use it to cruise, tow a tube, fish or beach and swim so it would be last to go - If I had to sell one it would be the fish and ski because the other 2 can do anything the boat can do - If I could only have one the PWC would go, reluctantly - I like to get out on the water in early spring till late fall - The pontoon gives me a much longer season than the PWC could, just not versatile enough to be my only choice
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    Re: Former boat owners ?

    I used to have a standup and boat at the same time. I have also gone back and forth several times since the early 1980s. I use boats mostly for towing skiers (and being towed on slalom, trick, wakeboard, wakeskate, kneeboard and after I'm too tired for anything else on a tube). I also will on occasion fish but not as often as I used to.

    Having a standup and a boat at the same time was OK because they were totally different experiences. I see no reason to have a couch and boat at the same time because they are virtualy the same thing (well, the pwc is a little smaller). I can tow watersports with the couch, fish off it and just cruise.
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