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    PWCToday Regular destructive's Avatar
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    May 2014

    Waveraider 1100 and solas prop selection Help

    Hey guys, Ive been doing some reading on props and just cant seem to fine the correct answer. What i have is a 96 waveraider 1100 with 63m motor, a 150psi head, boysen reeds and stuffers, 44mm blackjack carbs, ported and polished intake and a straight through exhaust, im currently running a solas 13/19 and its great on mid range punch, i really am looking for a setup to get me out of the hole faster. I really only use the ski to jump in the surf. I have another solas prop yb-sc-i 14.5-18
    will that give me more low end or should i be looking at a different model? Seems like every prop description i read gives you more low end punch and more top end speed....im kinda lost and any insight would be greatly appreciated. Again all i care about is getting out of the water as fast as possible.

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Dec 2014

    Re: Waveraider 1100 and solas prop selection Help

    So your running the yd-cd 13/19 ? That impeller is made for a highly modified engine. I don't believe you have enough hp to fully utilize that impeller. Try a YD-CD 12/18. The yb-sci should be a 144mm impeller, and you should have a 155mm pump.
    Have you done any work to the pump and intake grate ?

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