I took my 1500 out Thursday. It's a standup but different (as most know). When I climbed into the tray, the first thought was "man there is a lot of machine in front of me." It is also a new experience in how stable the machine is when kneeling in the tray at a standstill, that was pretty much impossible on my old SJ or SXR and not possible on my SX650 or JS550. Cranking up and accelerating out of the hole showed very little bowrise, instead it just kind of shot forward (an effect of the extra bouancy and the way the machine floats at standstill). I haven't ridden a standup in about 4 or 5 years so I need to get my sea legs back (and still need a lot more practice) but one thing I noticed is that while underway, cross waves seem to rock the ski more than I remember it affecting my old skis (due to the extra 1.5" width compared to the sxr800?). But, the extra length, weight and slight vee shaped hull makes it cut through head on or chasing waves much smoother than any previous standup. Body english definately affects the ride but less than previous standups. I was still being easy on the throttle because I believe in letting the engine mechanicals bed in before running it hard but I can tell this thing is going to pull hard!

Oh, and one final note, I was sure glad I had my brother along riding chase on my GTX. I told him if he saw me go down and the sxr drift off to come over and tow me back to my ski. It sure saved me a couple of times from having to swim a long way when I went down going with the wind. That same boyancy that keeps it flat when accelerating out of the hole makes this thing really drifts on after a fall at speed.

I received my Tiny Tach yesterday so I'll put in in today. I want to keep track of hours for maintenance reasons.