eBay auction closes Wednesday, 11:09 pm EDT for a complete set of 14 rare, vintage copies of Watercraft Action News, when the sport was at its peak worldwide from July 1993 - November 1994.


Watercraft Action - 4.png

Watercraft Action - 10.png

If you want to know what the racing scene was like at its peak, these 14 tabloid newspaper-style publications provide complete race coverage in the USA, interviews, and profiles of the day's stars over a two-season span.

These publications are loaded with excellent photography and articles by the sport's top writers, along with racing and high-performance oriented advertisements.

As you can see from the photos, there were 4 editions in 1993 and another 10 editions in 1994.

You will also find the OEM and after-market ads compelling.

These are rare, completely legit pieces of WaterCross racing.

I am de-cluttering my life and have many items spanning the sport's history from 1979 - 1998 that may be of interest to the sport's enthusiasts.

Purchase with confidence! I am proud of my excellent ratings by buyers and sellers. I intend to keep those high rankings.

Thank you in advance!