Msd no beep no spark

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    Msd no beep no spark

    Hello I have a 750 with total loss. When I connect the battery for the first time of the day I get a beep and my ski fires right up. Let it sit a few minutes and go to start it, no spark. Disconnect the battery and connect it again no more beep or led. The led does flash when I crank it though. I'm not seeing any voltage at the coil. It's the old pn 4270.
    Id appreciate any suggestions
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    Re: Msd no beep no spark

    Is there a good ground wire from the coil(s) to the engine, and to the box?

    Have you tested the on/off switch?

    Have you jumped the terminal coming from the box to the green stator wires?

    (Disconnect the gang connector)
    If not, use a paper clip to jump the wires from the box that lead to the stator
    (if multi coil, test the wires that are the same color. Brown-Brown, Yellow-Yellow,
    Orange-Orange). Then turn on the system when you perform these tests, and
    make sure your lanyard is in place (or use a 1/4" wide zip tie instead).

    Lay the spark plugs grounded to the head, and when you jump it you should
    see a spark. If you do, best guess is your stator came loose, and it is toast.

    If there is no spark, then it may be the box.

    Next step is to fabricate a peak voltage meter from an inexpensive multi-meter.
    A $10 multi meter from Harbor Freight will work fine. Build the circuit and solder
    it about 6" from the meter. Enclose it inside a plastic project box from Radio Shack
    to prevent the possibility of a 350v shock.

    (Disconnect the gang connector)
    Connect the positive and negative leads to the appropriate +/- wires leads from
    the MSD to the coil, set the meter to a high DCv setting and try the jumper test
    again. If the MSD box is good, it will put out ~350v on the primary wires to the coil.
    If so, the coil is bad. If it does not put out a high ~300volts, then the MSD box is

    Bill M.

    The top wire on the circuit is positive and the bottom wire is ground.
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