BRAND NEW Polaris SL780 - Value?

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    BRAND NEW Polaris SL780 - Value?

    As a side business i buy non running skis and scrap them for ebay. A few weeks ago I bought a SL780 and I was in kind of a hurry so I didn't look real close at it although I noticed it was pretty clean. I dropped it off at my friends where I store them until yesterday when it came time to part this one out. we uncovered it and really started to look at it and I'll be damned if this thing isn't absolutely pristine. There is no doubt you could put this on a dealer floor and no one would no it hadn't always been there. So I'm thinking, I gotta see how many hours are on this thing! Get a battery in it and get this! .7 Hrs! Not 7 hours, .7 less than an hour. I don't know the background yet but this thing probably only hit the water 1 time since it was bought in 1996. I've never seen anything like it.

    Plus, It looks like someone wanted to get it ready to use and took it to a capable mechanic because all the grey (fuel) lines have been changed out to new black automotive fuel line. and, The oil pump and tank were taken out of commission for premix. I hear the oil injection on these models were a problem so whoever worked on it it knew what they were doing by switching to premix and the all the work was done was very professional and well done, looks like factory.

    I have no idea what the circumstances are behind the guy selling it to me for $250 but he just said come and get it and I didn't ask questions.

    That said - Here's MY QUESTION? what is this thing worth? I'm in the Phoenix, AZ area which is a pretty strong market for watercraft.

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    Re: BRAND NEW Polaris SL780 - Value?

    I dont know what that Polaris is worth and I know this is an old post, but 2 strokes whether we like to admit it or not are a dying breed and eventually (in the distant future) there will only be a few around held by diehards and collectors. Its none of my business but hopefully your only parting out wrecked beyond repair skis or ones that a title cannot be retrieved for. For every parted out ski there is one less in the world.

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    Re: BRAND NEW Polaris SL780 - Value?

    It may have 0.7 hrs because that's when the electronics failed - All Polaris electronics fail - some sooner than others.
    It's worth about $500 if the electronics have been replaced with the $600 upgrade kit.

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    Re: BRAND NEW Polaris SL780 - Value?

    Back in 2008 I bought one for $1200 that was well worn in. Today I would guess something in normal expected condition around $800-1000. If it's what you are describing I would guess it's around $2000 or more to the right buyer. The problem is finding that buyer. I agree with previous posters I hope you aren't scraping any quality skis.

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