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    Pieces of oil filter cap in engine

    First post for me on PWC Today. I have been a stand-up Kawasaki rider and home mechanic since 1986. Just now having to learn about the 4-strokes.

    I was given a 2002 GTX 4-Tec with 79 hours. Previous owner had an oil pressure fault he didn't want to deal with after the dealer checked it out and said all was OK. I like a challenge and didn't have enough skis so I took it.

    When cold, if I give it more than half throttle, the oil pressure warning will display (with long beep and reduced power). If I warm it up at idle for a few minutes (3 to 5), and then take off and ride I don't have the problem.

    I removed the oil filter cartridge and spotted a piece of black plastic in the bottom. I then looked at the cap to the filter housing and noticed that 2 pieces of the black plastic collar around the fastener hole on the underside had broken off (see attached pic). I tried to retrieve the 1 piece I could see but it fell down (into the pump, if I read the drawing correctly). So now there are 2 pieces swimming around who knows where.

    Could these errant pieces of plastic be impeding the oil flow when cold, but not warm, or is my oil pressure issue likely due to another cause? Any ideas on how to get those pieces out short of engine removal and disassembly?

    Any tips at all would be appreciated.
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    Re: Pieces of oil filter cap in engine

    It is best you actually measure the oil pressure. There are instructions in the manual, quite an easy process.

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