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    Question on oil color

    I have some old Sea Doos and a Kawi that are new to me. (95 XP, 96 GSX, 97 STS). I'd like to use the same king of oil in all of them just to save headache, but it seems like they all ask for different oil according to operators manual.

    96 STS says TC - WII
    95 XP says "High quality low ash API TC injection oil for 2-cycle engines"
    96 GSX says "Use only BOMBARDIER ROTAX FORMULA XP-S synthetic injection oil"

    Sea Doo says "Do not use NMMA TC-W, TC-W2 or TC-W3 outboard motor oils or other ashless type 2-cycle oil. Avoid mixing different brands of API TC oil as resulting chemical reaction may cause severe engine damage" for the GSX.

    So... can i just fire up something like Amsoil Interceptor in all 3? It's less than the Seadoo XPS, but more than the cheapest stuff i see... although for synthetic they are all in the $30+ range per gallon...

    Or do i need a mineral oil for the STS, and XPS for the other two (I have read that using the full synthetic in one that doesn't need it won't bother it as long as you drain it first...)

    So the color question... the Amsoil seems to be greyish where as the Seadoo is blueish... does it matter?
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