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Thread: Circlips

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    Hi All,

    Was needing to know if circlips differ in any way from each other whether it's a Sea Doo OEM circlip to a Pro-X circlip.

    I seem to have 'misplaced' my 4 Pro-X piston circlips and am in need of replacing them.

    So that's why I am asking if circlips are different from one brand to the next and if they are interchangeable or not.

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    Re: Circlips

    Cliff that's a tough question given that most pistons differ slightly between manufacturers. But given they do a simple job , that being retain the piston pin. I wouldn't be afraid to try others if you have them on hand. They just need to seat in the groove well (tightly) and have enough material above the groove to retain the piston pin. Hope this helps. Call the place you got the pistons from they may be able to help out.

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    Re: Circlips

    Are the stock Doo pistons ART pistons? I know the Pro-X circlips and rings fit oem Kawi and Yamahas. Stock they are ART pistons which is what Pro-X are.

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    Re: Circlips

    Yes they are *claimed* to be different from manufacturer to manufacturer. For something that does a simple, yet very important job, I would err on the side of caution and use the correct circlips for the correct piston. It's one less worry to have in the back of your mind. Better safe than sorry, a loose circlip in the cases could do some major damage.

    I got Wossner pistons as a replacement for my 951 rebuild. Had to pop them back out. Didn't want to reuse them and wanted to order any other circlip that would get to me faster. Called Wossner, was informed they are different, so I would need theirs. I didn't take the time to put a caliper on them etc. For 5$ and new circlips I have peice of mind.

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    Re: Circlips

    I can confirm that if you don't use the C-clip style circlips on SBT pistons the regular ones will come out and destroy a rebuild. I have taken many motors apart where the circlip comes out or is missing and it can destroy a motor. Circlips should always be new and should be installed correctly and be the right ones for each particular piston.
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