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    Re: Honda Jetski ECU

    Quote Originally Posted by Gen-Tune View Post
    Below is a Turbo fuel map compared to a Non Turbo fuel map. Looks like there are 4 fuel maps. I assume for different cam angles.

    RED = Turbo
    Blue = Non Turbo
    That's really cool! Are the 4 maps similar? Maybe it has a table for each cylinder. Also, I'm surprised the numbers differ so much Turbo to non Turbo. There must be some other constants that are also changed.
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    Re: Honda Jetski ECU

    I figure the fuel tables are for knock control . or temp . these skis dont have adjustable cam timing so thats not it .
    Or the 4 tables could be for each cyliner if they designed them to be fuel differently based on individual cylinder temps
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    Re: Honda Jetski ECU

    There are more Fuel tables but only 8 tables show differences compared to a non turbo map. I doubt they will have a complete fuel table for individual cylinders. I'm sure its probably for either different degrees of timing or water temperature since these skis are open loop. I could be wrong but I dont think I'll spend the time to dig too much as the market is slim and not alot of request.

    I'll have to do some wideband testing.

    Having the non turbo map made this process much easier to isolate the differences.

    Right now I am working on 4 different things

    - Revlimiter
    I may have found the location that controls the revlimiter just gotta do some testing

    - Disabling the secondary map sensor that measures pressure from the turbo
    I found the routine that enable/disable this sensor. Need to do testing.

    - PWM boost control
    I've located the code that controls the solenoid. Goal is to bleed off more boost pressure to keep the wastegate closed longer.

    - Fixing the 2002-2003 model ecu's. There is a slim chance I can fix this ecu as it's much different.

    I would like to take a look at the F15x ecu's if anyone has one broken and willing to donate for research and development let me know


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    Re: Honda Jetski ECU

    I am not sure there are any failed F15 ECUs available since they seem to be bullet-proof.
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