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    Re: Honda Jetski ECU

    Quote Originally Posted by matt888 View Post
    My thoughts were it was a weak circuit to begin with and a lot of people run lower octane fuel or over time the fuel loses its octane then the knock sensor circuit is over worked until failure.
    Low voltage may be the killer
    and water

    pic 1
    self amalgamate tape fitted instead
    of crappy insulation tape that was
    falling off

    CBR1100 wiring
    ECM follows aquatrax
    but plugs are reversed
    eg B is A on ours
    Attached Images Attached Images
    F12X 2007 pretty well stock
    Beat up landrover D1 to tow it
    UPDATE: 1 Small staffy dog for company
    Honda XR 200 80s vintage
    Hamilton J83 jetboat with clevo 351 V8
    9 foot inflatable achilles !!!!

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    Re: Honda Jetski ECU

    Hey guys sorry about the supper late reply. I didnt think the thread had this much activity. Well I have 3 HW3 ecu's. Two are bad and 1 is good. I will strip down all 3 ecu's and hope to see something useful.

    The goal is to extract the firmware from the microcontroller. I designed a programmer using an arduino uno that can read, write, set security, and clear security. If I do a read on the ecu I get FF's which means the ecu security fuse is set. In order to remove the security fuse you have to erase the ecu then its off. But thats not what we want to do.

    Honda offers RWD files for ecu updates. I checked the list and there is no update for this ecu. If we can get our hands on the RWD file for the ecu then I might be able to convert it to a bin file.

    Matt with your connections at Honda is this something you can ask for?


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    Re: Honda Jetski ECU


    I have not had any issues yet with the ECU. Do you guys think its a good idea to buy one (hopefully at a lower price ) ahead of time ? Its sounds like it is inevitable if you own a Honda.



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