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    X4 155 pump conversion

    We put a xpl shoe in an hx, you end up cutting both the donor shoe to fit the hull and the intake tract to fit the shoe,and then the plate to fit the shoe. Its going to be the same thing on the x4. Go for it and take pics along the way. Theres more than one way to skin a cat.
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    Re: X4 155 pump conversion

    Not to revive a super old thread but I came across this and was curious if anyone just had a machine shop machine a groove inside the facing surface on the pump or shoe to use a large oring to seal the pieces VS using a neoprene seal or a lot of 'the right stuff' as I know that can be difficult to remove down the road when needed.

    My machinist even brought this up when I dropped mine off to be modified. I am using a stock shoe + 148 skat but its the 155 style pump.

    The brackets on the pump were removed and re-welded on the bottom side. My pumps been at the shop for ever but they are finally working on it. They will most likely just be shaving off meat on the pump itself on the bottom side where the pump rest on the lip of the bottom of the shoe. The inside lip removal should not take any meat off the sealing surface but possibly allow enough clearance to sit pretty on the shoe and seal
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