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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home Tioari1's Avatar
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    October Mossdale Race vacated...

    Outlaw Nation,
    When a race staff puts on a race, they like to do it for a full house. When racers goes to the trouble of getting their skis ready, wake up at 4am to travel to the site, and pay their entry fees at the reg table, they want to look down the start line and see a full house of people to race against. Unfortunately we don't have a full house for this one and the October Mossdale race is being vacated.

    Only 30 people signed up to race and 5 of those are juniors. It's too bad... I really wanted to see that X-2 novice race jump off!! Too bad, because I never get tired of seeing Janeway own a race course, and it's too bad because I REALLY wanted to see the "surgeon general" Derek Carlson and his SPARK... (actually I wanted to catch a ride on that bad boy) and finally it's too bad, because I really liked going over to the pumpkin farm for the Halloween festivities with a lot of you - but in reality a few of those remaining 25 racers would see they were the only ones racing in their class and then decide the drive wouldn't be worth it just to race by themselves, and I don't blame them, but unfortunately entry fees from 20 guys doesn't cover the cost for putting on a race.

    "Racing on demand". If the demand is there we'll do it, and if the demand isn't there we won't. If there's enough interest for a November race we'll try and make it at a location where the fees are less to operate. My apologies to those who signed up to race, especially to the new guys who were coming out to race for the first time. Don't give up the fever future hero's, this time of year has always been tough to pull off a race but again - if the interest is there we'll make it happen.

    Enjoy the Halloween weekend with your family and friends, and hopefully we'll see you in November.


    Thanks to the guys who signed up - we'll try it again next month...

    X-2 Army Expert
    1) S.Girling
    2) D. Wolff
    3) J. Harden (sun)
    4) B. Toline (sat)

    X-2 Open Novice
    1) T. Maur
    2) C. Johnson
    3) P. Rubino
    4) G. Kranich
    5) C. Johnson
    6) H. Item
    7) D. Miller
    8) M. Kabacinski

    567 Vintage Triple Threat
    1) M. Gerwin (550)
    2) J. Hamilton (550)
    3) M. Hanjes (550)

    900 Novice open standup
    1) M. Rollings
    2) C. Campbell
    3) T. Chambers

    Sport Sit 800 novice open
    1) N. Kubik
    2) J. Vidal

    Sport Sit GP 1200 open expert
    1) Z. Martinez
    2) D. Carlson (sun)

    Blaster open
    1) D. Janeway

    SPARK open
    1) D. Carlson (sun)

    SCXP novice
    1) J. Preciado (new)

    Junior 13-15 open (djsa entry rules apply)
    1) H. Item

    Junior 10-12 open (djsa entry rules apply)
    1) T. Chambers (A)
    2) S.Fuhrman (A)
    3) C.Ward (B)
    4) K.Fuhrman (B)

    900 Vet open standup - scratch
    900 Expert open standup - scratch
    1100 Intermediate open standup - scratch
    FAST Stand GP 1100 open expert - scratch
    Sprint Sit 1350 NA open - scratch
    SCXP open expert runabout - scratch
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    Top Dog RIDEH2O's Avatar
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    Jun 2011

    Re: October Mossdale Race vacated...

    Well, at least we had pole position in Sport Sit 1200 :/
    Thanks for tryin' , Jim

    2017 Jet Jam Racing "Region 2" Sport GP Champion

    Thanks 2017 sponsors....
    Lets do it again in 2018

    Reno KTM
    Reno / Tahoe Watercraft Connection
    Hunt & Sons / VP Racing Fuels
    Garate Enterprises (The Powder Man)
    On the Mark Construction, Reno NV

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    I dream skis
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    May 2010

    Re: October Mossdale Race vacated...

    Sooner the better if you can let us know about the November date boss man!

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    I dream skis
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    May 2010

    Re: October Mossdale Race vacated...

    Hello November......

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