2017 BRP Press Event #SeaDooLife
Tampa, FL

PWCToday was invited to this year’s Sea-Doo press event. Since I have been here from the dawn of time, I got the privilege to go test the new line up for the 2017.
First impressions are everything & the first impression Sea-Doo wanted us to have is that their watercraft can do what normal sit down watercraft can’t. Upon entering the rooftop for our meet and greet dinner, we were given our first look at the Spark TRIXX. That’s right. There was a TRIXX on the rooftop!

Sea-Doo Sprak TrixxClick image for larger version. 

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Let the #SeaDooLife Beach Party begin!
The morning started off with a detailed introduction about the new crafts & features of the 2017 line-up. We were then given a Sea-Doo dry backpack and dry box for the day’s adventures. What an awesome bag! Great for the water or everyday use.
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As we all headed out to the beach you could hear music through the doors. Sea-Doo was putting on an actual beach party. There was a DJ, beach games and plenty of sunscreen! We all got our riding gear on and were ready for the day.

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Sea-Doo set up three stations of pwc’s to test various performance groups.

First up we had the 2017 Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX: “Most Playful Experience.”
* The Trixx is technically a package that you can add on to the 2Up but can be purchased as a complete watercraft for $7299.00. You can also add this package to older Sparks with VTS.
Sea-Doo’s facts:

  • Handlebar with Adjustable Riser – customize the ergonomics for greater leverage. Sea-Doo Spark Trixx

  • Step Wedges – providing alternate footing while trying tricks.Sea-Doo Spark Trixx
  • Extended Range Variable Trim System (VTS) – provides more extreme trim angles for greater adjustment.Sea-Doo Spark Trixx
  • 90 HO Ace engineSea-Doo Spark Trixx

*More specs listed on Sea-Doo.com

My Experience:
Even though I’ve been around pwc’s a big part of my life, I would still consider myself relatively inexperienced in the hours riding department compared to most people reading this. I was a little nervous jumping onto the Trixx as my first experience at this event...
To my delight, the Spark Trixx is super easy to ride and fun to learn on. It’s a sit-down watercraft which is eager to hang with the stand-ups. After receiving a short tutorial on how to pull up on the handlebars and feather the throttle, I was doing a tail spin! Not something you would do on an ordinary ski! With a little more practice, I may be able to stay up longer than 2 seconds.

The ease of maneuvering the pwc to its trick positions (just a couple of clicks on the VTS button) made me want to try more. The Spark Trixx is definitely a watercraft that could provide hours of fun trying to master (or create) new tricks. By the end of the Spark Trixx session my body was tired but it was well worth it.

Here is a video of IJSBA Hall of Famer, Jeff Hemmel mastering the Tailspin: