Just picked up an FX-1 Protc Pipe What carb settings

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    PWCToday Guru rib-x450's Avatar
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    May 2010

    Just picked up an FX-1 Protc Pipe What carb settings

    Just got a nice fx-1 as a nin runner and it came with two SBN's with different jets.

    Its stock appart from the protec pipe.

    What jets shoud I be running, can ayone advise please.

    Single SBN carb .................
    Kawasaki X2 with 800 Sxr Motor, carbs etc, Carbon reeds.

    PJS Nozzle, SXR Prop cut back.

    Factory Pipe and Blaster Chamber , Drilled out stock waterbox.

    Bored out West Coast manifold, bored to 47mm.

    Chopped Hood, Chopped -1.5 Inches off the back, seat filled in inch extended ride plate, UMI etc

    Cost more than it's ever worth but I love it.


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    Resident Guru RenoJetTech's Avatar
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    Apr 2009

    Re: Just picked up an FX-1 Protc Pipe What carb settings

    Nice find over there !
    Did you get it figured out already ?
    My belief is jetting shouldn't be to far from stock jetting, as I think Protec wasn't to big on having us to alter jetting or timing etc. to get more power like some pipe builders might.
    But yeah you're at sea level I suppose and now probably altered spark/flame arrester, and can only go so far out on high and low needles.
    '88 550-ride plate,intake grate,intake manfold,carb
    '96 GTX-1mm overbore,F/a's,intake grate,port timed for mid and top end
    '95 FX 1- usually take this motor to 753cc with exhaust porting and reeds

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