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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Aug 2011

    2008 SXR Better Fuel Economy?

    Hi Harry,

    The SXR's suck the gas pretty good. I read somewhere that there was a change in 2008 that might have help a little?
    Fact or fiction?

    Thank you
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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home timothy's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    florida yo

    Re: 2008 SXR Better Fuel Economy?

    Anything above a single 38kehin is gonna get bad gas mileage

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    Tech Guru Resident Guru
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    Feb 2002
    Fort Mohave, AZ

    Re: 2008 SXR Better Fuel Economy?

    There is no doubt that SuperJets get better fuel range than comparable SXRs. Actually a stock SXR fuel range is not bad. The big problem with the SXR is the dramatic increase in fuel consumption when a pipe is installed (nearly double that of a stocker). The FPP pipes work great, and make great power, but they accomplish that by greatly increasing peak rpm as well as increasing cylinder scavanging (that results in the passing of unspent fuel mixture). The stock pipe is actually a great pipe ... it's just not a great pipe for higher rpm operation. That's why we developed our 849cc Sleeper kit. It has the ability to pull a more aggressive prop, and still deliver good overall power within the range of what the stock pipe allows (about 7000rpm). If you want long fuel range from your SXR ... you have to run the stock pipe.

    Respectfully, Harry Klemm

    The SXR's suck the gas pretty good. I read somewhere that there was a change in 2008 that might have help a little?
    Fact or fiction?

    Quote Originally Posted by smd View Post
    Hi Harry,Thank you
    Unless otherwise stated, responses to all forum posts are based on my personal experiences working within the PWC industry, and developing high performance PWCs since 1987.


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    PWCToday Regular Geoff007's Avatar
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    Mar 2010

    Re: 2008 SXR Better Fuel Economy?

    this might help, I removed my SXR motor & pump and installed it in a Krash freestyle hull with Mods and found a big improvement in fuel economy (not that was my intent more of a surprise ) due to I believe the weight difference of the hulls, it was as good as a super jet if not better.

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    Resident Guru Bionic racing's Avatar
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    Aug 2016

    Re: 2008 SXR Better Fuel Economy?

    If your riding hard , on a stock boat , a full tank of fuel gone in an hour and a half is normal , riding hard , but they are too much fun to worry about it , take extra fuel , using a waterproof garmin GPS we figured they get about 3 miles per gallon of pump premium playing high speed persuit , worse than a 18 wheeler
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