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Thread: Help FX140

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Help FX140

    Hi everyone I'm new here and need some help i have a 04 fx140 and have owned it 3 years now. I took it out today and noticed something I have never seen or heard of before while accelerating when I would hit about 40mph the ski felt like it would lunge forward or plane out again then it felt like the ski was off balance or something. It was like the tail End of my ski was being pushed to one side. It almost threw me off the first time but I was able to counter act it. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly Appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Help FX140

    Hi jimk3254,
    I have just bought an fx140,2004 model,I havn't had any experiences as you have described,but I will keep an eye on your replies in case it happens to me in the future..
    I was wondering if you have ever had the oil drain out of your oil tank into your hull as mine has just done it for the first time..I have owned it for about 4 months and hasn't done it before,but I have just moved it and the bow sits slightly up in the air now,I wonder if this has anything to do with it.
    Any help at all would be appreciated,I'm new on this forum.
    Good luck with your problem,and I hope your answer is swift,a simple fix,and cheap..

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