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Thread: 750 X-2 Rebuild

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    Re: 750 X-2 Rebuild

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gruen View Post
    My next step is to mount a tach and figure out what the RPMs are actually doing. Is it safe to run a stock small pin motor with the big pin CDI?
    Yep, much better, just dont have an advancer plate installed.
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    Re: 750 X-2 Rebuild - Yamaha fuel filler

    Most people hate the X-2's fuel door; some of us hate it enough to change it. Every once in a while WB1994 makes a run of X2 external filler plates that mimic the contours of the Yamaha hull's fuel filler. They are pretty easy to install and you really do not even need glassing skills. I did it in three steps, allowing the adhesives / epoxy fillers to fully cure between steps.

    Step 1: Initial Glue up

    Filler plate and Yamaha parts. The plate does not come drilled, so you could use the OEM Kawi parts, but the Yamaha looks better.
    YamahaFuelFill.1.jpg YamahaFuelFill.2.jpg

    Use a Dremel to cut out the OEM hull recess, leaving the support areas intact. Take a chisel and remove the paint from the natural support areas. Use Marine Tex to do the initial glue up of the panel. I taped tongue depressors to the panel to hold it at the proper level. I would have had to add a bunch of filler to the top of the panel if it were allowed to sit further down into the cavity.
    YamahaFuelFill.3.jpg YamahaFuelFill.4.jpg YamahaFuelFill.5.jpg YamahaFuelFill.6.jpg

    Step 2: Support bracket

    I used some sheet stainless to fashion a bracket for the forward edge, scuffed up the surface really good, and used Marine Tex to glue it in. It's hard to see, but it is there.

    Step 3: Epoxy the edges & fill in the cracks

    Got some $5 epoxy putty from a big box store for the sides. Cheap and clean way to make sure the edges stay put.
    YamahaFuelFill.8.jpg YamahaFuelFill.9.jpg

    Mixed up some more Marine Tex to fill in the outer edges. Tip: you can spit on Marine Tex and use your finger and the spit as a lubricant to smooth it out.

    Because my garage is pretty cold I rigged up a space heater and a cardboard box to keep everything warm (not hot) for curing.

    This is pretty much done. At this point all it will need is some sanding, maybe a little pin hole filing, and paint. The only other tricky bit is that the Yamaha fitting and the Kawi tank have two different sized hose attachment points. Got to get a hose that can fit both and is impervious to fuel.
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