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    Re: Attempting to solve Code 25.

    Except for the bumps inside of it, it looks like a standard bar resistor which could be expected to be in that circuit.
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    Re: Attempting to solve Code 25.

    Looks to me that it is an analog filter network along with maybe some signal conditioning or analog/digital conversion encased in the ceramic. If that is the case and the fault is inside that ceramic module, then there is no hope in fixing or repairing these ECU's.

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    Re: Attempting to solve Code 25.

    I'm new here. Lurking and reading all I can on these Honda skis. I recently bought an '05 F12X that does not have this problem (yet), and am very interested in the final outcome. I have an extra ECU given to me by a friend.....it had a Code 25.....and am completely game for de-potting and fixing stuff to keep for when mine does fail.

    Was the voltage regulator the root cause of the problem? Or was it that "ceramic thing"?


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    Re: Attempting to solve Code 25.

    The problem is corrosion. The potting fails and cracks. WaTer seeps in and corrodes. The knock sensor is a piezo microphone and the ecm expects a certain amplitude signal for a given rpm. This problem is near impossible to fix. My advice is to get a new ecm vs swimming against the current back to the dock.

    Sometimes the problem is the knock sensor. I would replace that first as they are cheaper. If you can swap in a good ecm to test that is a good way to check the ecm. The knock sensor is a bit harder to get to.
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