SBT Manufactured New Vs. Yamaha re-manufactured by SBT for VX110

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    SBT Manufactured New Vs. Yamaha re-manufactured by SBT for VX110

    I just purchased a new SBT 1.1L VX110 engine for my 2005 Yamaha VX110 Deluxe. The original motor in my ski was internally corroded from water intrusion into the crankcase and through out the motor. I purchased this new engine manufactured by SBT versus going with the re-manufactured Yamaha engine because then I would not have to pay for shipping the corroded core back to them, I only had to pay for the new engine to be shipped to me (and for the engine of course), and in my mind it made sense at the time to pay $900 more for a Brand New engine & save the $90 (i Live in Southeast FL), but I didn't really consult with to many knowledgeable people before I did this (which is how I bought a waverunner with a corroded engine). The engine take out, part swap, and installation went pretty smooth for me as a "do-it-yourselfer" kinda guy and I am considering doing this project again if I find a good conditioned Yamaha VX hull with a blown motor for a good deal.

    It's my understanding that SBT just started manufacturing the new replacement engines for the MR-1's. I could be off on that though...

    Here is my question-

    What experiences have you had with an SBT new manufactured engine VS. a Re-manufactured Yamaha engine from SBT. If I were to be purchasing a yamaha vx110 with a blown motor and replacing it with one of the two fore-mentioned engines, which would you choose and why? Can i expect a greater life span out of the new SBT manufactured since it's well.... NEW, or is it going to be comparable to the life span of the oem remanufactured Yamaha engines they are selling? obviously there's no guarantees on one lasting longer than the other, but what has your experience been?

    Your input is appreciated. Thank you!
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