Hi Guys,

At the risk of sounding spammy I wanted to throw out an invitation to Dallas area PWC owners. I am a former racer and I've been a member here on PWC Today for a long time.

My company Clarity Research is conducting a private research event this Saturday (March 19th) in the Dallas area. We are looking for owners of 3-Person PWCs to come and participate. The event will take around 90 minutes and you will be paid $125 for your participation. This study is being conducted on behalf of our client, a major OEM, and will be a casual research clinic in which you will evaluate some current watercraft in addition to some prototype watercraft that have not yet been released to the public. Your participation will help in guiding the future of Personal Watercraft.

If you are interested, please call Mary at 1-866-622-3119 to get scheduled. Make sure you mention you saw this on PWCToday!

Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread or via PM and I will try to answer ASAP.