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    PWCToday Newbie raceneked's Avatar
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    Re: Freedom Ride, 2016!

    ..if I weren't at a PWC forum, I'd swear I just read a melt down
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    I dream skis
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    Re: Freedom Ride, 2016!

    Quote Originally Posted by X-Rated View Post
    I think the best thing here is that we all regroup and discuss this in a professional manner and figure out who will lead this trip since our leader has bailed. No one here including me has tried to take anything away from Sandi. I think the problem here is an ongoing issue with various club members from the other club who are creating friction with my club. I think it's more of a personal issue and it certainly isn't immature issue. For god sake we are all grown-ups and I just don't get it and nobody in my club all 200 of us can't figure it out.

    West Coast a Watercraft Club in Socal
    Quote Originally Posted by sandi_r_k View Post
    Mike, you clearly don't know a lot of the history here, and since it is personal, I won't do so.

    My plan is not to revoke anyone's participation. My plan is to revoke *my* participation, due to my judgment of potential liability because of recent events.

    My plan is also to stop planning for this, leading rides, arranging campsite exceptions, calling for restaurant reservations, preparing routes, asking family members to contribute time and effort, or hosting an early bird BBQ.

    Feel free to ride, camp, whatever. But we're out.
    Shoot sorry I sent that message before I had a chance to finish it what I was going to say is that I am absolutely not trying to take away from sandy's ride in any way shape or form. If there's any way I can help make this event happen or make it smoother I am absolutely willing to help. I realize some people may have already taken vacation days for this event and there's no reason for it to be cancelled over something so silly. Friday I may be able to take a slow and easy ride but I will have my little guy with me, 7 years old comma so nothing extraordinary or too crazy. I can rearrange my plans for Saturday and absolutely help out on a long ride if needed, like I said anything I can do to make it smoother and go off without any problems I'm willing to help.

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    Re: Freedom Ride, 2016!

    Mike I would be happy to share any information you want to know.

    West Coast a Watercraft Club in Socal

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    Top Dog mavrick816's Avatar
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    Re: Freedom Ride, 2016!

    Yes, I was the leader that sank his seadoo in the tullies LOL, dang drive boot retaining clip came off when I tried to flush weeds out but seriously. I hate to see this not go. It was a fun ride and always should be. Not racing or see who can get to point a to point b in the least time.

    Unfortunataely, I won't be able to attend to prior commitments, but hit me up if you need help.

    -Rick.. the guy in the tullies
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