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  1. #11 Is My Home Away From Home Myself's Avatar
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    Jun 2006

    Re: GP Guys - What are we thinking? LOL

    A customer of mine has a 787 swap with Factory pipe, Proks, and a Skat pump. It's sort of like that. It will only GPS 56 but gets there VERY quick. I kept telling myself when I came across a good donor I'd swap mine. Came across a cheap 69 hour GSX this winter but ended up fixing it to sell instead,lol! While I had his engine out replacing the driveshaft and coupler I made myself some blueprints of his mount plate setup so I could get one cut out for myself sometime.

    '89 Kawi 650SX 42.4 GPS
    +3" stock pipe, ported ex. manifold, drilled waterbox, blueprinted pump, Ocean Pro ride plate

    '99 Yama GP1200 65U 61.8 GPS
    ported cylinders, matched cases, milled head, blueprinted pump, long ride plate

    '96 Seadoo HX 717 53.13 GPS
    light porting, massaged cases, lightened flywheel, port matched manifolds, Rossier pipe, stubby pump cone

  2. #12 Is My Home Away From Home Grumpy Old Guy's Avatar
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    Re: GP Guys - What are we thinking? LOL

    Great bouy ski !!!

  3. #13 Is My Home Away From Home Scottie Mac's Avatar
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    Re: GP Guys - What are we thinking? LOL

    If you are going to take the time to do the swap, go all out and do a 951 swap. Richard's (the OP in this thread) with limited set up is fast as $hit. The HX only gets better the more power you throw at it.

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    Re: GP Guys - What are we thinking? LOL

    it's got some cool anodized bits that would look nice on the wall but dang $$$$. the yellow old sport bike explains all the tool in one ad. haha and the 48s on a teenie 720...

    scottie would you guess that the "side" sponsons would chuck you off or just rip out of the hull first buoy turn?
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