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Thread: Triple in a 550

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    PWCToday Guru 123hi's Avatar
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    Jul 2014

    Triple in a 550

    This thread will hopefully dispel some of the rumors surrounding the legitimacy of putting Kawi 900/1100 triple in a 550 hull. It should also result in an interesting experiment and quite a ski, even it it ends up at the bottom of the lake.

    The 900 being used will be replaced with an 1100 as soon as a decent deal pops up on one. 1100s are very expensive in NorCal, plus the exterior dimensions of the 900 engine are very similar to an 1100 so it should be nearly a direct swap when the time comes. The 900 also starts with a lot of better fitting parts - Regular sized coupler, smaller exhaust, smaller manifold, etc. 100hp stock is exciting, plus the sound of a triple is like nothing else...

    First - Questions! (Please ask any questions that might be missing)
    1) How much does this massive engine weigh?
    2) Will it fit in a 550 hull?
    3) How will the engine placement workout within the hull?
    4) What do you do with the exhaust?
    5) Electronics Placement?
    6) Is there any room for a tank? Electronics? Battery?

    I don’t have all the answers yet, but we’re here to find out! The point of this thread is not just to build the ski, but to build it with performance and cleanliness in mind - while keeping it as factory looking and as 550 as possible.

    RHAAS pump kit is on order, tubbies are standing by, massive box of fiberglass supplies from US Composites on the shelf, tons of ideas floating around in my head. Let’s do this!...

    As long as this thing is faster than Waverunner Eagle’s build I’ll be happy hahaha


    Towards the end of the summer I found a nice deal on a 1990 550sx with a bunch of aftermarket parts. Gutted the hull to use the parts for another ski.

    I think this thing sat in the water for months. The sea scum was seemingly epoxied to it.

    Time to strip the Hull. Hull inserts for the tray pads were spinning - time for the saw…

    Decided to do a little sanding. The hull will get fresh paint once all glasswork/mods are done. Rear sponsons removed to reduce any possible rear flotation.

    Recently picked up a 1996 900 zxi on a trailer for $400, not bad for CA. Only a broken plastic fender on the trailer and broken trim cable on the ski.

    Triple is out! Pop an advil for the backache…

    Question #1 - Answered! Engine weights 128lbs with only the exhaust removed. It will be reduced a little bit since we are not using the ZXI bed plate which weighs 12lbs. Exhaust weighs 18lbs. Heavy for sure.

    After a quick wipe down…

    Holy smokes ,there’s a lot of electronics in this couch…

    The triple savvy guys will know this - The Kawi triples actually have 10 tapped motor mount holes in the cases. Six holes mount to the ZXI bed plate, the other four are unused and are the exact bolt pattern of any 650/750/800 engine - quite convenient! SXR1100 conversions take advantage of this.

    So, if a triple will bolt to an SXR bed plate, then a triple will bolt to a 550/650 conversion plate - which bolts to a 550 bed plate, right? Yes! Well, with quick mods.

    Also, I’m using RHAAS 550 to 650/750 conversion plates because they allow you to position the engine about ¾” further back than a standard conversion plate. All this weight needs to be as far back as it can get.

    Mods are simple, the middle two ZXI Mounts need to be clearanced 5mm.

    During surgery…

    All cleaned up. Mounts are right about flush with the reinforcing rib on the cases…

    To install the bed plate, one engine mount bolt needs to be shortened or it will contact a reinforcing rib. It still fully engages all threads in the conversion plate.

    Bed plate installed (Will be painted before final install)

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    PWCToday Guru 123hi's Avatar
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    Jul 2014

    Re: Triple in a 550

    Question #2 - Answered - First test fit, not bad! (Different hull used for test fit due to a quick wash on the other one)

    Question #3 - Answered! Bolted in place - very pleased with how far back it sits, couldn’t really go much further back.

    Interesting fact - The 650 conversion that I built last year (build thread on this site) used a Watcon standard style conversion plate. The front cylinder on this 900 triple is only ⅞” further forward than the front cylinder on my 650 conversion. Measurements are taken from the center of spark plug hole back to the hood seal lip. The third cylinder is almost completely behind the regular dual cylinder 650/750 style conversions. In fact, if it weren't for a rather large stator housing, a stock tank might fit.

    Hood Fitment - The stock hood will not fit with the factory flame arrestor (which I intend to keep for now). Even the dual scoop aftermarket one will not fit...But, it’s only the rear portion of the liner on the stock hood causing interference.

    A heat gun and a flush cutter, pop out the rear portion, and it fits! Clearance is tight though so it may need more clearance later. Removing the liner was actually much easier that expected…

    Blocked off the holes in the hull, put the chamber and a 25lb platter in to simulate the added weight of ebox, small tank, small battery and hea pipe. Put the pump on the tray as well to get a rough estimate. Took it to the lake for a float test!

    Question #4 - Answered. It floats! To top it off, my 650 conversion’s nose does not sit much better in the water. Add some tubbies and we might just be in business.

    Stay tuned!

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    PWCToday Guru Jim_ii's Avatar
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    Aug 2011

    Re: Triple in a 550

    Can't wait to see how it runs / rides!

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    Resident Guru
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    Sep 2015
    Northern Michigan

    Re: Triple in a 550

    Looking good so far. Will be watching with interest. I had many of the same thoughts, but I was not after max HP and speed. PM me I have some ideas about the hood that can easily solve a couple of problems.

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home WFO Speedracer's Avatar
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    Aug 2006

    Re: Triple in a 550

    I can't wait to see how he is going to gfit that exhaust in there !
    Y'all know me, still the same O.G. but I been low-key
    hated on by most these &^$$@s with no cheese, no deals and no G's, no wheels and no keys, no boats, no snowmobiles, and no skis, mad at me cause I can finally afford to provide my family with groceries

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    Frequent Poster JetFX1's Avatar
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    Aug 2014

    Re: Triple in a 550

    sub'd cant wait to see this thing run

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home bigdogtim's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    Tampa, FL

    Re: Triple in a 550

    what about the exhaust will it fit

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    Top Dog rhugo21's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Santa Monica, CA

    Re: Triple in a 550


    Quote Originally Posted by bigdogtim View Post
    what about the exhaust will it fit
    This guy on the X posted this for an exhaust option and he said this about it when asked about the B pipe on the 900 motor.

    "Works really well for the 900, but too restrictive for an 1100."

    FX-1 and 550 are close in size so I don't see why the B pipe on the 900 in a JS hull wouldn't fit with a little modification to the chamber
    2017 SJ
    1988 550 w/PJS Viper 700

    Midwest Wave Warriors

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    Resident Guru mmcahow's Avatar
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    Jul 2011

    Re: Triple in a 550


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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home hyosung's Avatar
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    Aug 2010

    Re: Triple in a 550

    watching with interest , im liking the B pipe set up ! a couple of questions >> , coupling line up IE: size ,distance , hull strength ,IE: pole , engine mounts , etc, pump / impeller selection ,fuel cell , water box , looking good so far "for a JS "..
    2 x 650 sx custom build (my toys) http://www.pwctoday.com/showthread.php?t=425767

    modded X2 650

    stock looking ZXI 900 ""being cannibalized to sponsor a 650 sx build """

    Jerry Rigging is my specialty .....

    Originally Posted by hyosung
    so when you say i """ hammer and slap things together """ this may be so , BUT they are hammered and slapped together SOLID

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