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Your welcome, happy to help. Your og post says it's a feeler so I was helping you feel the market. Not being negative, the ski is very nice. The market just isn't what it was, lots of guys saying "I had offers at $7,000 last year, this year $5,000" on very late model SXR's. I'd venture you need to put the price at $4,800 and see what those feelers net. I think you will be surprised where the market is. Again this is a feeler thread, not I want to sell my jet ski so I was offering up some advice. Happy selling!
Yes, with leftover 62mph 2017 SXR 1500 selling for $8K brand new with warranty at the Dealerships and brand new leftover 2017 Superjets selling for $7K with warranty, it's a tough market for used skis no matter how nice they are.

Skis up North, especially Michigan, do get more money, I'd say about $1K more than for skis that are from Texas to Florida.