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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home
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    Re: Don't be this guy.

    As big of a di46 as I am, when I commit to buying, or selling, it's a done deal.

    Not much else has to be said.
    I'm only here to make you mad

    I'll tell your girl you said "hi".

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    Re: Don't be this guy.

    all this complaining about having to put a pipe in a box ?

    Careful, Y'all are starting to sound like a bunch of Democrats !!!

    Maybe i'm just too easy going, but I've been in sales for 3 decades now, if I got butt-hurt over every time a buyer changed their mind before shipping i'd never be able to sit down, and regular ebay/forum buyers are candy compared to CL clowns. Paypal doesn't help the sellers out either, generally speaking the buyer has the upper hand.

    Now if the package has already left in the truck i'd feel differently, but again, no harm done that I can see, just a slight inconvenience at best.

    One thing i've learned (the hard way): before you make the listing on an oversized item, fetch yourself a box, unless the buyer happens to live 20 minutes away, your going to need it.
    The problem with normal is that it just keeps getting worse...

    I would rather sit than quit...
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    Re: Don't be this guy.

    Quote Originally Posted by exp785ltd View Post
    Let me just say that I did feel bad about backing out of the deal.buying that type of pipe is really hit or miss and all falls on the honesty of the seller. you're just going on someone's word if the pipe holds pressure,but after reading your comments on here saying that you took down your post which is not true because it's still listed on eBay and the time is never changed also you didn't take it down on any forums. You also told me that it would be a couple days for you to find a box large enough to fit it. But now you say I inconvenienced you by packing a pipe that you have for sale, it needs to be packed for me or the next guy anyways.
    After reading this I think I made the right decision I probably would've ended up with a $400 paperweight
    Your original post sounds like you purchased it then read about others having issues and you wet your pants. Then wanted your money back, was this one cracked/leaking? Did you test it, use it then change your mind or did public opinion get the best of you?

    Sounds like you just changed your mind. That means that you should have sold the pipe and left Mr.Monsoon alone.
    Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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