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Thread: flag burning

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home hyosung's Avatar
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    Re: flag burning

    the Australian flag symbolizes , the states and territories , the people , and our way of life , burning our flag , is like saying fvck you people and your way of life ,,
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    Re: flag burning

    Nobody better than Vin! No one.
    Nobody more situationally aware than Rick, at least not on this day in 76'

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    Re: flag burning

    Quote Originally Posted by hyosung View Post
    i couldn't believe the police officers capsicum sprayed the guy trying to stop the flag being burned
    Why were they burning the flag? Did they have a reason to disrespect
    what the flag represented?

    I did a quick search, and it turns out that hatred towards Muslims may
    be just as bad in Australia, as it is in the United States.

    Muslims talk about what it is like to live in Australia.

    Islamophobia in Australia - Wikipedia.

    In the United States we seem to be blind to all the senseless violence
    each and every day, and when we have a mass killing, and we don't use
    the word "Terrorist" unless they are Muslim.

    In the United States there has been many more violent terrorist attacks
    by regular citizens, than by Muslims.

    We think (as U.S. citizens) that the United States represents freedom and
    democracy, and proudly stand behind our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our
    Flag. But our history is packed full of times where it was popular to ignore
    our foundations, the government passed ludicrous laws, or the government
    favored the rich and not its citizens by allowing armed force to be used against
    workers, and of course they passed unconstitutional legislation that was upheld
    by the Supreme Court.

    Bill M.
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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home
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    Re: flag burning

    It burns when I pee. Is that a crime too? cuz I'd like to get that b!tch that made it happen...
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