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    Re: 96 yamaha 64x engine rebuild attempt. (yamaha 760 wave raider).

    Quote Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
    I used hose clamps when I re assembled my 1100 triple. Make sure your rings are in the correct position and tighten the hose clamp to compress the rings. Put a clamp on each piston. get your middle piston at the end of its stroke. The hose clamps should be tight enough to compress the rings but loose enough to slide down when you slide the cylinders down the piston. then put the other pistons in. When the clamp slides down and is loose around the rod, just loosen the screw all the way and remove the clamp. It worked awesome for me. I tried for several hours with my old lady trying to help...I took a break to eat lunch because I was getting angry and ready to start throwing tools....lol...then while having a sandwich I was thinking what I could use. I had a ring compressor but it is too big for that application.... Then it dawned on my to try a hose clamp. It is basically just a smaller ring compressor....I took a run to Lowes for the hose clamps and when I got back had all three pistons back in the cylinders in 10 minutes....hose clamps worked great !!!!
    I need to read better....smdh.. you don't have a triple.... the hose clamp thing should still work though.... but for only two cylinders, it shouldn't be that hard....
    If it aint broke...don't fix it!!!!

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    Re: 96 yamaha 64x engine rebuild attempt. (yamaha 760 wave raider).

    Just wanted to revive this and say how helpful this read was. I recently acquired a 760 and plan on going through the engine with this aiding my assessment. I'd love to hear an update from OP.

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    Re: 96 yamaha 64x engine rebuild attempt. (yamaha 760 wave raider).

    When I thought my engine needed a rebuild it was due to a bad carb. I even had the bad carb sent to a guy from this forum to rebuild and while he did rebuild it he missed fixing the problem. I ended up taking the motor to a guy who got it back together and found the carb issue. I have had a couple other smaller motors do the same thing after I thought I had the carb was fixed and it wasn’t. I would say if your compressions good and motor rotates issue is with the carb don’t get to excited to pull motor apart and find someone who actually knows their way around the carb.

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