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Lake Michigan Surf Ride, AUG 28th - 30th

The idea for this event is to provide a loosely structured gathering for all types of Personal Watercraft enthusiastís. All done on the shores of Lake Michigan at the end of the summer.
The goal is to provide a safe and permitted place to have an fun end of summer ride. While offering something for all types of riders, from the first time Jet Skier to the off the hook Freestyler and the racer too. All this will also support a charity by using proceeds from a raffle of donated gear/items.
Friday will be a nice easy kick off, with check in starting up, open riding and getting all introduced to the surf conditions of Lake Michigan. A meet and greet party at local restaurant on Friday night.
Saturday will be the main day with an opening ceremonies, presentation of the flag, group photos, Big Air freestyle event, Surf Moto Race, BBQ dinner on the beach followed by a raffle of items from the sponsors.
Sunday will be the laid back day of riding and enjoying the beach scene. Uncork that trick youíve working on, or whatever you feel like doing.
This event is a weekend for all to come out and hang, ride and just play. By having the permits from the U.S. Coast Guard and the City you are able to do many of the things that might normally get you a ticket. Such as to close to shore, to close to another watercraft or just having too much fun.
Bring that 4 wheeler to get your stuff to the water, put up the e-z up, bring the dog, the cooler, chairs, boom box, and enjoy a weekend on the beach.
The dates are the 28th, 29th & 30th of August 2015. Remember to Like us to be updated on the presenting sponsors and the weekend activity's. More information coming as the permits are approved. Look for information on a web page coming soon to a internet near you.

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Hopefully a lot of you MN guys can make it.