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    Re: Impeller Choice 650 pump.

    The C75 is a larger hub. it was designed to be used with a larger hub section like the magnum pumps. It can be run in a 650 or 750 without a afterburner core sleeve.

    MY 8/16 skat was on a stock 650 with a coffmans pipe and mariner head. nothing else done to the engine. a stock 28mm cdk2 carb then went to a 38mm cdk2. The larger c75 hub 9/17 swirl on the 650 was a night and day difference. I then took that prop and put it into my 95 750 and it worked very very well.

    -A stock 650 on a 13/18 sxr prop could work and yield decent results but the engine would most definitely need a better pipe, higher compression head and jetting improvements.

    -The 750 gets my vote and a stock sxr prop
    " It Doesn't Matter Who We Are..What Matters Is Our Plan!"

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    Re: Impeller Choice 650 pump.

    Hi mate
    Just read your post again.
    My 650 SC is running 185psi with a PJS head, has dual stage boyson reeds, twin 750 40mm cdk carbies, west coast exhaust manifold, Gen 1 Stainless Coffmans exhaust (Gen 2 is much better), Zero lightened flywheel, The cylinder has been ported but not the cases, the exhaust manifold has been match ported to the header pipe and cylinder with cooling line increased to 9mm. I'm running a 9/17 Skat with the factory knozzle and PJS intake grate. The ignition system is standard. My RPM has increased (I use a Tiny Tach) to 6800 and my speed has increased from 31.8 mph to just over 40.
    If you use the bigger diameter Rip Turn with a 9/17 Skat you will go slower than what you are now. If you bump it up with a 10/18 Skat it may be the solution. It's all a gamble and depends greatly on your engine configuration.
    A 750 is an easy solution but don't underestimate the power potential of a modified 650.
    Also Jack's advice on impellers and a 3 degree timing advance is spot on.
    Kind regards
    If it's worth doing, it's worth over doing!!

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    Re: Impeller Choice 650 pump.

    Thanks Lucas

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