Al Sharpton the racist /race bating scumbag !

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  1. #1 Is My Home Away From Home Super 1's Avatar
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    Al Sharpton the racist /race bating scumbag !

    Al Sharpton is a race bating scumbag ! this guy lives of creating a racial divide within this country by spewing lies/ propaganda within the black community .... guys like Sharpton and Jackson make a living at doing this .... I am just wondering when are the majority of black people are going to see threw this deception ... and begin to denounce these scumbags for what they are doing ! until this is done nothing will change .

    check this you tube out with the racist Sharpton using his own racist words !

    Obama is a dirty gutter crawling african maggot ! .. so is his dirty wife MOOOCHY .. the " MOOCHER "
    blood sucking sucking liberal dirty 2 faced RAT's !

    some day i will till ya how i really feel .........

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    Attention ***** Is My Home Away From Home JonnyX2's Avatar
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    Re: Al Sharpton the racist /race bating scumbag !

    This is the 666th thread in this forum. I knew Al Sharpton was the Devil.
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    Re: Al Sharpton the racist /race bating scumbag !

    I can't stand Sharpton, IMO he hurts race relations more than he helps and his very existence pains me.

    I'm willing to admit there are issues that need to be addressed on both sides but as long as he's voicing his opinion I tend to think the exact opposite: because I hate him so much.
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    PWCToday Guru grinditout's Avatar
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    Re: Al Sharpton the racist /race bating scumbag !

    Racism huh , how about this? >
    New signature needed, come on someone, give me a quote.

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