Itís now official West Coast Watercraft Club and Del Amo Motorsports of Long Beach are teaming up for a casual ride from Long Beach to Catalina. Everyone is welcome to participate, itís going to be an awesome ride.

Itís been a rough 2 weeks cancelling and rescheduling this event. Both Del Amo and I felt it would be safer to have this event on a more pleasant day rather than large swells and rain. September 14, 2014 we will be meeting at Cabrillo Launch Ramp 3720 Stephen M White Drive, San Pedro, CA promptly at 6am.

I have gathered a few professional riders / racers who will be coordinating and assisting me with this event. A brief meeting will be held before the ride begins make sure you are present. Please make sure you have the proper gear. I know some of you have Sea tow this may come handy someday. You can use this service at lakes, rivers and the ocean. I am sure this service is available through your insurance company.


Check Oil, Spark Plugs, Life Vest, Towel, VHF Marine Radio, GPS, Batteries, Cell Phone, Water Tight Box, Credit Cards and Cash, Wet Suit, SPF Shirt, Sunscreen, Gloves, Helmet, First Aid Kit, Jacket, Footwear, Goggles, Dock Ropes, Tow Ropes, Flares, Whistle, Beacon, Octane Booster (87 available in Avalon)

Here is a rundown of the plans for Sunday:
Meet at Cabrillo Beach Launch Ramp: Please arrive promptly at 6:00AM. The direct line to the parking booth is 310-548-2654 $15.00 per car. The lot will hold 50 cars with trailers. Spill over is available in the yellow parking spots at the Aquarium. Please be aware we will have to share the parking and ramp with other boaters. There is NO washouts at this location. The good thing about this ramp is itís a no wake for about 3 minutes especially with a group this size.
San Pedro: Patchy fog before 11am. Otherwise, mostly sunny, with a high near 78.
Avalon: Patchy fog before 11am. Otherwise, mostly sunny, with a high near 75.
Coordinates at San Pedro Breakwater: N 33.71002 and W -118.28368
A few updates upon entering the harbor in Avalon please find the RED HARBOR BOAT who will be there to assist us according to Brian The Harbor Master we can use the old fuel dock approx. 40 x 16 at the mooring may be on #232. Any questions regarding the dock can be discussed with The Harbor Patrol on VHF Channel 12 and 16. We can call the shore boat on VHF Channel 9 to get to shore or bum a ride from someone. The fee for the Shore boat fare is $4.75 each way.
The fuel dock has changed where the fuel nozzles are delivered down to each person with a rope and a bucket is lowered for payment. The fuel dock takes credit cards and cash and remember only 87 octane is available. We should fuel and top off our tanks up upon entry to Avalon and before you tie up. I do realize the Yamahaís and Kawasakiís will be OK depending on how you ride. I am sure Seadooís will have to top off. Gasoline prices were about $7.05 per gallon. If you need octane booster bring it I am not sure they sell it there.
Coordinates to Descanso: Swim Line: 33.20.83 N / 118.19.42 W
We also have permission to tie up at Descanso those of you wanting to tie to the swim line. Please note you will have to swim approx. 100 feet to the shore. Definition of a swim line: To the best of my knowledge itís a line with buoys attached to keep swimmers in a designated area.
We should all plan to meet at Antonioís, 230 Crescent Ave, Avalon, CA 310-510-0008
I have already spoken to Augustine and the patio overlooking the bay has been reserved for us.

Proposed Schedule:
Arrive at Cabrillo Launch Ramp: 6:00am
Doughnuts and Coffee supplied by Del Amo
Launch at Cabrillo Beach at 7:00am to 7:30am
Leave dock at 7:30am
Arrive Catalina by 9:00am
Top off Fuel
Tie-off Dock provided by City of Avalon or at The Descanso Beach Club using swim line
Breakfast 10:00am
Leave Catalina at 1:00pm
Be back on mainland by 2:30pm