Just posting this here also...
I had no checked on my ski in a while as I have not had time to ride it recently. I went yesterday to check on it where it was stored on Pleasure House Rd in Chicks Beach, and it was gone.
I called VB dispatchers and had them access the Tow log as well as priors for the physical address of where it was located in case it was towed by accident by the city. No record of the towing.
Please contact me IMMEDIATELY if any of you know anything about this. I will be filing a police report later this evening or tomorrow, as I am unable to do so today, being on an ambulance shift.
My contact info:
Jamie Taylor

Due to the computer I am using, I am unable to access pictures, however im including a link to my CL ad from when I had it listed for sale. There are pictures on the CL ad.
Mods, if you COULD host these pics directly on this post, that would be awesome!

(the picture with the yellow accents is the most current picture. also, the ski has hyrdoturf all around except for the rear step.