Need help with Polaris Msx150

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    Need help with Polaris Msx150

    Hi guys new to 4 stroke skis, been helping with sitdowns since ive started riding getting family etc out on the lake. My boss just picked up a Polaris Msx 150 from the auto auction and we got it back and were able to get it running and idling with the push of the button (dry start). With that being said there is a slight bend in the throttle cable that was straightened with a seemingly decent ghetto rig, and it definitely returns the cable all the way and allows full throttle pull as well.

    The problem we are having is if you rev it anywhere above 1/4 throttle out of water it runs away at like 3/4 throttle even though the cable is clearly returned to idle position. I am thinking it may be normal because it is supposed to have alittle more idle in the water and obviously some load on the pump. It turns right off when I pull the lanyard or hit the stop button and then fires right up, also I couldn't find a hose connection on it so I only run it like one start and examine every hour or so. any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Need help with Polaris Msx150

    Yes, normal. Don't rev your MSX150 out of the water unless you've got it in reverse, which engages the rev limiter.

    It's in the service manual.

    Join, they've got a great Polaris section there; you'll find the manuals there too…
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