So here are the details...for the family and friends trip to The Colorado River.

Let's see if we can get some club participation here for this trip on The Colorado River. I prefer the Aquarius for the price, good food and more to do.

Drive Plan: Depending on when we all leave lets try to be at the Aquarius by 6PM, July 10. For those of you arriving early Thursday see below for updated rides.

List of what to bring:
PWC (of course)
Ropes and Anchor or Rock Bag
Sunscreen at least 50 SPF
Marine Radio Channel 69
Cell Phone
Watertight Box

Small Ice Chest for Water


Hat, Life Vest and Water Shoes

Video Cameras or Still Cameras

Please make sure your PWC is GASSED up the night before!!!

Meet in Laughlin July 10 and ride July 11 & 12 and return home Sunday.

Dinner Plan:

July 10 we will meet at Outback at 730 PM for dinner. Please meet us in front.

Ride Plan:

July 10, partial day on the river. Plan to launch around 1PM (a text will go out where I am launching and what time) where we will meet up with another riding group until 6PM. We will all ride back to Laughlin or down river. Make sure you have plenty of fuel just in case we ride further, if anyone knows me I will keep going.

July 11, day on the river. Breakfast at The Aquarius Cafe or at iHOP at 7:00AM and expect to launch no later than 9:15AM. Please make sure you are all fueled up the evening before. We will be leaving Laughlin at 10am and heading downriver to The AVI Hotel to pick up more riders and heading to The Sand Bar. So no one gets lost I will be conducting a ride plan meeting and photo before we depart the ramp. Lunch will be at Pirates Cove around 1PM. If some riders want to go to Lake Havasu please let me know. Both grades of fuel are available at Pirates Cove. Please make sure you are on time, if you will be late text, call or email me. Please remember to stay with the group as we will be doing a head count to make sure everyone is accounted for. Let's all have a great time on the water and stay safe. And remember to always look before you make your next move on the water.
Launch Address: David Camp Park, 2251 Arizona 68, Bullhead City, AZ 86429 (928)-754-7250 (fee to launch $12.00 under four people. Each person over is $2.00 additional)

Here are the options for this ride:
Laughlin to The Sand Bar Approx 50 miles (you may want to fill up at Topac before heading there)
Laughlin to Pirates Cove, 45 miles
Laughlin to London Bridge in Lake Havasu, 65 miles

July 12, a day on the lake. Scheduled plan to drive 70 miles to Cottonwood Cove at Lake Mojave and ski to Hoover Dam. The other option is to launch from Katherine's Landing, but there can be white caps on the way back. We can all decide the night before. I know that some riders have 2 strokes, that being the case I am flexible where we ride. There is a fuel dock at Willow Beach Marina 928-767-4747 and they take credit cards and carry all octanes. There are no lunch facilities so plan to bring lunch. Subway seems to work well with this as we have done this many times before. The estimated ride from Cottonwood to Hoover Dam is approx 75 miles each way.

July 13, breakfast at I Hop and we all depart.

Hotel: Thursday $39.99, Friday $79.99 and Saturday $79.99 - King Bed. Rooms with Double Beds are $10.00 more each night. If you have a players card you can save on your room rates.

Weather: High 111 / Low 88 Winds 5 - 10MPH


Cottonwood to Hoover Dam 75 miles each way
Katherine's Landing to Hoover Dam 95 miles each way

Laughlin to Pirates Cove: 45 miles each way
Pirates Cove to Lake Havasu: 20 miles each way
Laughlin to Lake Havasu: 65 miles each way
Laughlin to Parker Dam: 85 miles each way