Help I keep dying

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    Top Dog billman100's Avatar
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    Help I keep dying

    So I was out on my FX-1 this weekend and it started dying after riding for about 15-20 minutes. It seemed like it was when I was crusing at a constant throttle for a while and then would try to accelerate it would just cut out and die. After it would die I would wait maybe 2 seconds before trying to start it again and it would start right back up and I could ride for another 5-10 minutes before it would do it again. Happened maybe 6 or seven times through out the day because after one or two I would go park it for a while and then when I would go back out it would only happen after a while of riding. I'm thinking it is a carb issue but my other thought would be electronic because of the abrupt cut offs, it wouldn't bog down it was an immediate cut. Anyone ever have this type of problem?
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    Resident Guru NielMcque's Avatar
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    Re: Help I keep dying

    Yes its either a fuel issue or electrical issue. I rebuilt my carb and fond the the fuse wire in my ebox was faulty but was having similar problem
    1990 550 sx sbn 44 PJS head coffmans half pipe Coffmans water box solas 14-19 prop bored out pump nozzel wet wolfe cone jetnetics aluminium flywheel and shredmaster surf plate
    1995 FX1 milled head ss impeller shredmaster ride plate and toploader grate

    Need a good 550 topend

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Re: Help I keep dying

    Could be a plugged vent valve on tank, debris in tank. I had an issue a week ago on my FX-1 where it wouldn't run with fuel selector in "on" postion, but fine on "reserve". I had a leaky / cracked primer line. Look for simple stuff before tearing it apart. I've seen cheapo aftermarket gas line collapse and kink causing similar results.

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