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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Jun 2014

    Is there a touring tips thread that can be a sticky?

    We tour Quebec via snowmobile and plan to use our PWC for overnight trips. It seems hard to find transient dry docking. Should we worry about that or not. We're talking 3-4 day trips with 1 or more overnights.

    We have lots of options starting around the the Chesapeake Bay area.

    Thanks in advance for any info.


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    Jun 2014

    Re: Is there a touring tips thread that can be a sticky?

    Well I will post some of my own tips since no one else chimed in.

    I did not in this case but will not again go without my GARMIN GPS track logging me as my primary GPS.

    GPSKit on an iPhone with some pre-planning using custom googlemapsengine can be very useful and effective for trip plotting.
    That said, in rough conditions, the iPhone screen can be difficult to use due to saltwater splashing. My iPhone 5 is in a NUUD Lifeproof case which is in a lockable Lifeproof belt clip with a Ram 1" ball.
    Other caveats for the iPhone. Using a track log was too battery consuming for our all day trips. I brought a backup battery kit that I used when conditions allowed such as lunch gas stops or long stretches of no wake zones. Maybe TC will finally allow a replaceable battery but I highly doubt it.
    Password protected Slide to Unlock was impossible in splashing salt water waves. Set your iPhone to not have a password and double press the HOME button and light it up using the camera slider.
    My main issue was when I could have easily gotten a good vector from the phone I could not unlock the screen in the surf and I had to use my PWC and Casio Pathfinder wristwatch compasses.

    SeaSpec sunglass "goggles" look cool and stay on with their strap but do not offer enough eye protection IMO. Would like to hear input on eyewear.

    Overboard 30L roll top backpack is now one of my favorite pieces of gear I have ever bought. That sucker will be going lots of places.

    F U to GoPro for lousy battery capacity on both the camera and especially the stupid remote! Also your tiny screen in combination with having to reset the date and time on battery swap make me wonder if the juice is worth the squeeze on the little ******* cameras. I had plenty of batteries but reconfiguring everything contemporaneously while on the ski is way too much. And then the file names and date/time stamps are all a mess (I am sure I can batch fix this but why should I have to figure that out).

    We rode some sketchy conditions and did not have an EPIRB. That was a mistake. I will be getting a SPOT or something more sophisticated. I will also be putting some survival stuff ON or in my PFT as opposed to IN the PWC storage.

    Group riding ground rules should be established with discussion of contingency planning on being partially separated. Rough water distance rules, who is responsible for/to whom. Rallying point etc.

    I kept a separate dry bag along with my ropes on top of my main gear backpack so I could easily get to my T-shirt, ball cap, wallet, towel etc. when we stopped for lunch gas or whatever.

    On our trip we found jet docks with water available so we cleaned the skis up good in spite of really wanting to get you our hotel.

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    Mar 2010
    St. Amant, LA

    Re: Is there a touring tips thread that can be a sticky?

    Seems like you learned some good lessons on this trip. FYI, for eye wear, I use OTG style ski glasses (clear) sunglasses underneath. I don't know how much trail I have in your area but you never know - just check the site in my sig.
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