I am buying a 1997 Polaris SLTX and I am told that there is about a 1/2" crack in one of the pistons and this is causing the compression to be low in that cylinder. I believe I found the right part to replace it with but am not exactly sure. How do I know if I need the standard size or an oversized piston like .5mm or 1mm OS? Also, I was told that since I will be replacing the cylinder, that I will need to buy a gasket kit and change that as well. Is that all I will need? How do I know if I will need something else? Also, is there any good sites/videos I can look at before doing this? I will be having a friend who is mechanically inclined to help, but he is not used to working on PWCs.

I've listed the sites to the parts I believe I need below.



Thanks for any help!