ZXI 1100 Electrical Problems

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    PWCToday Newbie ZXIGUY's Avatar
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    Aug 2019

    ZXI 1100 Electrical Problems

    I recently purchased a 98 kawa ZXI 1100 and a 96 kawa ZXI 1100. The 98 runs, but has trim problems. The 96 has electrical problems. I've fixed my other skis before but this 96 is throwing me for a spin.

    Heres what I know on the 96:

    - "ran great last year" according to previous owner. "It all the sudden wouldn't start" "Took it to repair shop and they said it was a bad igniter"
    - Battery is good
    - The whole ignition system has continuity with respect to where each wire is supposed to go
    - My starter solenoid, on/off switch, ignition switch, fuses, rectifier, ground cables, are all good.
    - When I push the start button, I get continuity to where it needs to go, but no voltage running through the system
    - I tried putting the igniter in the oven to take out water damage, still doesn't work
    - When I jump the posts on my solenoid, it kicks over and sparks

    Here's what I know on the 98:

    - Trim doesn't seem to work
    - Trim is stuck in the upright position and shoots water out of the back
    - at 7000 rpm the ski only will go 25 MPH (the rpm gauge goes up to 8000 rpm and speedometer goes up 70mph so I think something is wrong)
    - Has new gas, new plugs, and decent compression

    I have the manual for these and wiring diagram but they don't seem to help as much as I had hoped. I would really appreciate some help as I am trying to fix these up and get them on the water. Thanks guys!

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    PWCToday Newbie Duramax7man7's Avatar
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    Aug 2019

    Re: ZXI 1100 Electrical Problems

    If you jump the Starter Relay posts, I would say you have a bad starter relay... They are around $45

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