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    1997 KAWASAKI 750 ZXI

    Hey guys,

    Thinking of buying some skis and came across these, haven't been able to find much info on them though, thought maybe I could get some help here. I don't know anything about this year/model, can't find any specs as far as HP or anything.

    Price is $5000 for both skis and trailer, unsure of hours at this time, hopefully will know within a couple days. The guy is a couple hours away from me so I have not been able to look at them in person yet.

    Tell me what you think, good or bad.

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home Ragged Edge Racing's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    At D River
    Depends on what it looks like under the seat!Not bad from the outside.Take a compression gauge when you go to check them out.The trailer is worth $500-600 so $2200 or so a piece isn't out of line.Make sure they are in good working order.Check the pump to make sure you won't be replacing props as well.

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    resident guru slickwilly08's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    Kenosha, WI
    If they are in great condition, I would offer him $4500.

    They look really clean for the year, and the trailer looks nice.
    SUR #33

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    Resident Guru tweeker's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Denver N.C
    The 750 zxi is a 85 horse engine, If you are looking for speed don't buy them, but reliabilty is great
    1987 wetbike silverstreak
    1987 Yamaha exciter 570
    1988 wetbike silverstreak
    1989 x2 750 superstock
    1991 SC Piped 750
    1994 Kawasaki SC piped 750
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    2005 SXR stock
    2006 SXR1100
    2006 grizzly 660
    2015 fzr sorta stock
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    2016 FZR sorta stock

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    Ended up talking to the seller on the phone, it was his wife replying to my emails (he was out of town).

    He said the skis have been used about 8-10 times in fresh water only, doesn't have an hour meter so he's not sure what it's at as far as that goes.

    I may try and meet up with him this weekend, might go through with it if I can get the price down to $4500 or better.

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    I dream skis
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    Feb 2005

    too or not too?

    I would have to completely agree with tweeker on this one. Yes, the HP is 85. Yes, they are completely reliable. I had a 95 model ZXI. I'm not sure about this year but the downfall of the 95 I had was the oil filter was inline from the tank to the oil pump. Well, I never knew if it was stopped up or not and when I had the ski I was very new to PWC's and about 1 1/2 years after I had the ski this filter clogged up, NO OIL! So, the crank locked up and this ski is what got me into building and learning all about PWC's because the dealer wanted about $2500 to put a new motor in it. So, I figured its already broke it can't be broke anymore so I did it myself. I had the cyl. bored, put wiseco's in it, AM head, AND blocked off the oil and ran premix thereafter and NEVER had a problem after that. Through the years I added a Coffmans signature series exhaust to it, Solas impeller, R&D rideplate, rejetted carbs, TDR waterbox, and the list goes on. Long story short, the ski would outrun anything stock to its top end. It was a very, very quick ski. It would run high 50's even with all those things and it was still reliable. Eventually, I got rid of it cause I got sick and tired of all the bid cc skis running me down, and they would eventually, because they were faster. EX: Ultra 150's, GP1200's, Polaris SLX's, etc. It would take them a while but they would catch me. Long story short, PWC's are all made proportional. They make the engines proportional to the pump sizes and with this being a 750 no matter what you do to it you'll never be able to keep up with the big cc skis, that's why I've got an Ultra 150 today. But, if your looking for a fun ski that is reliable, and VERY good on fuel economy this is the ski for you. Just premix the fuel and block off the oil injection is my only recommendation. Price wise, I'd say offer them the $4500 that was already said IF they look as clean on the inside as they do on the outside.

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home xXx Octane xXx's Avatar
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    May 2003


    If either of them need an impeller I have a brand new Nu-Jet KW-A60 impeller for sale in the classifieds for $55.00 shipped (Continental United States Only).


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    The 750 ZXI is a bit underpowered. They have a 900 and 1100 ZXI, so you are getting the "base" model.

    That aside they are fun to play on. Will not get you great acceleration, or top speed. If that is what you are looking for in a ski go for it.

    Note that the ZXIs porpoise a lot. You can fix that by getting aftermarket sponsons for them.

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    I dream skis
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    Feb 2005


    saying that the ZXI 750 is "a bit underpowered" I think might be a bit off in my opinion. As far as todays PWC's are concerned it is and also you are comparing it to your 900 and 1100 also. Yea, a twin cylinder 750 won't have the same power a triple cylinder 900 or 1100 will. The ZXI line up is outdated but I can tell you this I personally have had a ZXI 750 that would roast 900's and 1100's all day long because of the HP/weight ratio so I guess if it was underpowered I don't know what the 900's and 1100's were. All of those engines that were in the ZXI hulls, 750, 900, and the 1100 are underpowered compared to today's PWC's given similar cc's. Look at the SX-R. It's based off of the 750 block and pushing 15 more hp than the ZXI 750 back in 95 when the ZXI was released so you can't deny that all PWC's haven't increased power. The 750 ZXI in it's day was an above average ski, that's what the ZXI platform was. The ZXI hull was the "performance hull" for Kawasaki when it came out. Tell me, why do you think the 900 ZXI was "Watercraft of the Year" in 1995? It's because it was the best performance hull AND PWC out. Yes, the waveraider may have been faster but it couldn't handle as well as the ZXI hull. The 1100 didn't even come out until 96 so the 750 was the second fastest thing Kawasaki had to offer in 95 and didn't change it throughout the years until the fazed it out and replaced the ZXI hull with the Ultra hull.

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