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Yep still working on them . We have a local shop that does the bore /hone on the jugs . As far as putting the engine back together , yes not a problem . You say the engines already taken apart ? To what extent and what condition is the crank and the reason for the rebuild?

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This actually started out to be a carb rebuild and some body work. It turned into a full on project. There was really nothing wrong with the ski. It had just lost a little power and a carb rebuild was probably all it needed. However, after tearing it down more and more and talking to more people I kept hearing "well, if you have it this far torn down you might as well...."fill in the blank".

The top end has been pulled off. The crank looks fine. Cylinders look fine as well. Like I said, the thing ran fine, but had just lost a little power over the years. And since I was already digging into it, why not do it right and not have to do it again for a long time if ever.