Aflac accident coverage now available for racers -

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    Aflac accident coverage now available for racers -

    Hey Outlaws,

    One thing I think most racers don't pay a lot of attention to is the liability waiver they sign at races. They probably don't read it word for word, and all they want to do is throw down a signature and hit the course. Thats cool as long as you don't crash. It's not cool if you get hurt and think you were covered for expenses that you're not covered for. All our racers must show proof of current medical coverage and they sign waivers that they inderstand everything from A to Z, with additions that they accept the responsibility for for any emergency care including ground or air transport to a hospital.

    You guys already got introduced to this at the awards dinner but now its time to give it some serious thought.
    It has been a LONG time in coming, but
    Aflac is now offering personal accident indemnity coverage for all those involved in competitive motorsports, and yes – that includes all of us in the jetski racing world as well. This may not be big news to you if you’ve never been injured or if you’re younger, but if you work, and have a family to support, and you race, you may have asked yourself this question a few times, “what would I do if I ever got hurt”… now with a little help from the Aflac duck there is some help and peace of mind available for all of us if we want it. If you are a racer, or the parent of racers,I urge all of you to take a serious look at this.

    Over the past 2 years, DJSA has been in many discussions and meetings with our local Aflac rep in trying to encourage them to consider offering coverage for those involved in jet ski racing, motocross, and other forms of what most insurance companies consider to be extreme sports. Up until recently Aflac's accident coverage did not cover participants involved in competitive motorsport racing, but just prior to our end of the year Enduro last December in Pittsburg, our rep Steve Starratt called me with some pretty awesome news. Aflac is now offering their new versions of their accidental injury coverage to racers, and the rates are extremely affordable! Keep in mind, this is not medical or health care insurance, which is a mandatory requirement for racers to have at most races, but it is supplemental accident insurance that provides you with cash payments in the event you are injured while racing. Or injured anywhere for that matter!

    Get injured on the course – covered.
    Get injured slipping on a banana peel in the pits – covered.
    Walk out of McDonalds and get attacked by wild birds for your fries – covered.
    Any injury, whether it be from racing, practicing, or just living life – covered.*

    If a race ski plows into the flag tower and takes me out, my Kaiser insurance covers my medical care and ambulance transport – but if I’m off work for a month or longer and my sick leave time is depleted I’m screwed - but depending upon the severity of injury, I could be getting a check for anywhere from a few hundred to multiple of thousands of dollars – and that would take a heck of a lot of stress out of my life in staying on top of paying the bills. Aflac also has coverage for cardiac and cancer illnesses.

    I don’t know who worked the magic at Aflac to get this accident coverage made available to the racing world, but I have nothing but respect for this company for doing so. If you are interested at all in gaining some affordable “peace of mind” for you or your family, I would recommend you view the Aflac website at to see if it’s something that could be of benefit to you. Some exceptions do apply such as DUI related incidents and a few others, so check the website for policy details.

    Our area rep Steve is no stranger to our events, and knows very well the risks we all face as racers or staff participating at Jetski races. Steve invites you to call him if you have any questions about Aflac, and if you aren’t local to California he can hook you up with an Aflac office near where you live. For coverage ranging from twenty something to forty something a month - its well worth your time to look into it.

    You can contact Steve Starratt, CA Lic. #0F43817, directly at (925) 978-3873 or you can email him at

    Thanks Aflac!!! We sincerely appreciate your consideration and decision to provide accident coverage to the world of racing.

    Jim Lambert
    Diablo Jet Ski Action
    "May all that WE do as a team take our sport and racing family to the next level"
    Robbie Hall / Team Orange

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    Re: Aflac accident coverage now available for racers -

    This is quite a good thing in my opinion. Earlier for racers, it was very difficult to get some cover. I have worked for a DUI attorney Los Angeles and have multiple times how having a cover can help you overcome all the financial stress that can come after such an accident.

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