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Thread: turbo ski

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    I dream skis 1fastski's Avatar
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    turbo ski

    Just got a 2 cyl turbo ski in for work , fouls plugs run crappy when revved water blows out around the hose from the turbo . story is a dealer rebuilt it ran for a few weeks or so then started to run bad wont start on the water . did not see any water in oil compression is 92lbs both cyls { looks like a monkey put it together. just wondering as i do not see many of these if there is anything { besides sinking } that would let water in the intake on these ? short of just taking it all apart and starting from scratch .
    i like to help people ,if you own a PWC you need help iam here

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    PWCToday Newbie ripcuda's Avatar
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    Re: turbo ski

    Howdy. That compression is bad. I'd bet you have either failed nikasil plating in the cylinders (more likely), warped block from bad overheating (less likely) or a blown headgasket (less likely). Spec compression is 125-140#. This is why it won't start in the water. I had the same compression in mine (warped block from overheat) and had the same problem. Either way... you'll have to pull the engine... which is a PITA (done it twice already).

    As for the water in the intake. The usual problem is foamy oil gunk getting sucked through the oil seperator (cyclone) to airbox emission recirc hose. This sucks all that nasty crap into the turbo and into the intake tract (intercooler too). But you said oil looked clean... and you're seeing water in the intake... so best bet is a leaking intercooler... leaking freshwater into it and getting sucked into the intake. When you pull the engine... pressure test the water side of the intercooler to detect leaks.

    Sorry for your troubles. If your cylinders are messed up... 2 options. Replate or sleeve. Both in the $500-$600 range. Just had one of my blocks sleeved. Randy at WeberPower (dot com) is a great source for parts, info, advice.

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