This article was in the Honolulu Advertiser 2005 and there were a lot of professionals (surfers and ocean safety) whom did not approve of this course. Today, we are more educated and those who think that towsurfers are professionals are kidding themselves. When everyone arrives in Hawaii for the winter season they all have their towsurfing certification from Jim Howe or Ian Masterson whom do not have any actual professional background in PWC or boating use and operations. Therefore, the towsurfer (not all) does not even know the basic boating rules and regs, and have never been exposed to a practical exam to determine they even have the ability to safely operate a PWC.

And, this is the root of our problem and the danger we are all placed in - no real education.

Now, people who continue to believe these courses offered are done so by professionals (Archie Kalepa excluded) or certified instructors better rethink this. The University of Hawaii has no instructor approved to teach this course as mandated by DOBOR. Unless an instructor training and certification course was approved by faculty for the purpose of certifying the public then all is null and void. As a faculty member of the university and based on my knowledge there has never been an approval for such a teacher or insturctor certification process approved by faculty or the administration.

This is similar to our EMS certification offered through our campus'. All instructors teaching 1st Aid, CPR, EMT, etc. are all nationally certified instructors from the national agency not from the university. Why, to minimize the universities liabilty.

So here is an opportunity to do it right - start with PWC Safety School and then take it from there.